Computaleta launch Zero Waste Film

By Arlette Farland

Computaleta leads the charge towards positive, sustainable change with a range of PVC-free self-adhesive media that prints exceptionally well and can be recycled right here in New Zealand.

The Zero brand of films are PVC-free and recyclable through a cost-effective bulk bag and small volume return system that sees them chipped and baled and used by a local manufacturer to make bio-certified fence posts.

The top sheet and liner can be completely recycled, making this a genuine zero waste product converted locally.

Arlette Farland, Director at Computaleta (pictured right), says waste has always been a problem in the industry as PVC-based media can take up to 500 years to break down. However, she says that together, we can protect the industry's future by making sure we have alternatives to traditional self-adhesive films.

"Many brand owners are demanding more sustainable ways of doing business, so it is only natural that the way they advertise will also face scrutiny. It is important to us that we can support our customers and industry through that demand-change with a supply solution that helps the planet and retains those environmentally conscious customers at the same time."

The Zero range of products are self-adhesive polypropylene films designed to replace the high-waste quick-turnaround print advertising media used in retail sales and promotional signage campaigns that are only up for a short time and do not require the longevity of PVC. They are a great environmental alternative to monomeric PVC films.

Arlette says that suppliers have an essential role to play to help support the industry to become more sustainable.

"We know this problem will not go away as customers are much more conscious about the materials they use. Zero is a significant first step in giving media buyers the option to use more sustainable products. Any change we make today can only have a positive impact on the waste our industry produces tomorrow."

Three-Step Zero Recycling Process:

1. Buy a bag and fill it up with Zero printed stock and/or liner

2. Waste is collected and delivered to Abilities Group or Disabled Citizens Society, giving meaningful work to people with physical and intellectual disabilities. They take the waste bags of Zero Product and bale it.

3. The bales are then delivered to Future Post, which recycle the waste into premium fence posts that are 100% environmentally friendly. At the end of life, the posts can be recycled again, creating an ongoing sustainable solution.

If you want to find out more about how your company can get involved in producing a more sustainable end product, contact for more information.