Samsung Touch hits the Auckland Home Show.

How do you create an interactive experience so customers can visualise a solution in real time?  Our digital display division did just that recently for Graphic Glass on their stand at the Auckland Home Show.

We helped Graphic Glass, a leader of architectural and engineered glass systems, set up and install a Samsung 55" Touch screen in a 'mock' kitchen, where customers were able to touch, and choose, different splashbacks so that they could stand back and visualise what they might look like in their own kitchens.

With our Samsung range, there are so many ways to utilise digital displays and touchscreens to create a more immersive experience for the end-customer, that results in better ROI, more conversions and more engagement with brands.

Jenne von Pein, General Manager at Graphic Glass, said, "I confess to being very sceptical about the show and the ROI – but I can say that we absolutely exceeded our expectations and it was a great success. The screen was a fantastic way to show customers what could be achieved, and they were convinced with the result when they saw a ‘splashback’ they liked!”

Dave Watts, Division Manager at Computaleta for Digital Displays, said, "Graphic Glass had the idea and vision, and we were able to bring it to life.  Our team built the website and wrote the code to enable this project to work, and it was a great test to prove that Computaleta have the knowledge and technical expertise to accelerate our customers ambitions in this field.”

Stock is currently on the way direct from Samsung and will land soon, for more information or to see a demonstration model, email Dave.