HEXIS Pure Zone Antimicrobial Film

Since the Covid-19 health crisis began, we have been contacted by many customers enquiring about the HEXIS Pure Zone Antimicrobial film.  Here is the lowdown:

PURE ZONE® films contain silver ions which are set free from the top layer when they come into contact with humidity. These reactive ions rapidly block and destroy bacteria, preventing them from multiplying between two cleaning and disinfection operations.  There are numerous benefits during application

and throughout the use: conformability, strong adhesion, water-tightness, and ease of cleaning.

PureZone is a technically sophisticated and high-quality film that provides effective and long-lasting protection for your public spaces, buildings and public transportation. It can be applied under any circumstances and in all locations with high sanitary requirements, such as clean rooms, cold rooms, nurseries, hospitals, and food industries.

Although Pure Zone is active against some bacteria, as test panels show, these tests have not been carried out on  viruses (neither by HEXIS nor by their silver ions’ supplier) because they are much more complex. Moreover, unlike common bacteria, virus handling is highly regulated and it is only allowed in some laboratories.

We are therefore unable to prove the effectiveness of HEXIS Pure Zone films on any virus, and in particular on Covid-19.

Nevertheless, as people become more conscious and begin to understand how important it is to protect onself, the market is there especially where there may be high risk of bacteria infections, commonly found in food preparation and medical facilities.

We have collected all possible documentation we have at this stage about PureZone: pictures, as well as a presentation and available certificates.  If you would like to know more please email me for details and I will forward it on.

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