We may have to stay two metres apart, but the space between us does not relate to the business we have done, and will do together! 

Here at Computaleta, we recognise how crucial signage needs are for essential and non-essential businesses. From floor graphics to footpath signs, to the latest anti-microbial films and digital signage, we have what you need to go as low-tech or as high-tech as you require.

Graphics and signs communicate vital information to the public, and we are here to support you to do that 100%.  Whether you are big, or small, Computaleta have been local to the New Zealand signage industry for almost 40 years.  In that time we have been through crashes and bubbles and GFCs, and we are still standing.  This one though, this one is going to be tough. That is why we’ve put together a catalogue of our most cost-effective essential solutions and why we are also offering FREE FREIGHT for any customer who orders from our ‘essentials list’ between now and May 31.  Because we know right now you need to make every dollar you can. Support local and let’s get through this together.

To Download our Essentials Catalogue: 

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