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TESA ACX+ 7044

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TESA 7044

TESA® 7044 ACX Plus

A double-sided acrylic foam tape. It consists of a high performance acrylic system and is primarily characterised by its bonding power, stress dissipation characteristics, and its temperature and weather resistance.

Due to the product’s unique formulation, this foam tape combines very high adhesion levels with the ability to absorb and dissipate high dynamic loads. The viscoelastic core of this product is able to compensate thermal elongation of bonded parts, and performs well on hard to bond materials such as powder coatings or plastic materials. Even in combinations of such materials, this product provides advanced safety due to its innovative product design.

Colour: White

Thickness: 1mm

Roll Size: 25 metres

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 roll

Download the technical data sheet for this product here.

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