CLOSED! All letters have been found! Congratulations to Jimmy from Adhere Media Ltd, for being the first to phone in with all five letters to spell HEXIS!

Our phones were off the hook within seconds, this was a great success and we thank you all for participating!

Hunt for HEXIS and you could win two VIP tickets to Metallica.

Comptition is open to Computaleta Trade Account Holders only and you must be logged in to search for the letter icons.

This week we will be hiding one letter of “HEXIS” at 9 am each day in our website for you to find.

Complete the word ‘HEXIS’, follow the final prompt and the first person to tell us where they found all five letters will win two VIP Tickets to Metallica worth $1,250 and a Hexis Wrap Pack worth $200.*

Should you not find a letter on release new clues will be added to this website promo page so you have the whole week to find one you might have missed.

Be the first to call Jess at 09 283 0335 on Friday with ALL FIVE LETTERS, provide full details of where you found them, and you win! It’s just that easy! Or is it? With so many Hexis product pages to search through, you’d better keep your eyes peeled. Start searching now! 

Check Facebook and Instagram daily for clues. Download the HEXIS Hunt PDF here and fill out where you found each letter.


Monday's clue for H: "My name is 'Hollyhock'." (Additional Clue: "When you want it to last, but you don't want cast.")

Tuesday's clue for E: "I self-heal with heat." (Additional Clue: "I also protect your assets.")

Wednesday's clue for X: "I am a high performance cast film and I use 'HEX-PRES' in my adhesive." (Additional Clue: "It's a wrap!")

Thursday's clue for I: " "I'm durable, even in the wash." (Additional Clue: "Let's cotton-on!")

Friday's clue for S: "You can see me, but you can't see through me."

2x VIP Metallica "All Nightmare Long" Experience - Reserved Seating (Download Package Inclusions and Ticket Ts&Cs Here)

  • Two (one each) premium reserved seats in yhe first (10) rows 
  • Dedicated venue entrance
  • Access to the "Sanitarium Rubber Room" lounge featuring:
    • Four (two each) drink tickets at the cash bar
    • Dinner at the "Spit Out The Bone" Buffet
    • Experience the "Memory Remains" touring exhibit, showcasing the band's own personally chosen collection of memorabilia
  • Two (one each) show specific posters
  • Two (one each) Metallica tour t-shirts, chosen by you
  • Priority merchandise shopping
  • Dedicated on-site staff

*Open to Computaleta Trade Account Holders only and you must have a Website Login. Tickets are for Metallica: Thursday, October 31st at Mt. Smart Stadium, Auckland - flights and accommodation are not included. Tickets are non-transferable. Promotion ends on 12th April 2019 once the last letter is found. 

**Play it safe: Open to both account holders and their employees, but if you are not the boss, make sure you tell the boss!